Intim salons

  • Lounge Euphoria

    г. Нижний Новгород
    от 4000 р.

    In the salon of erotic massage "Euphoria" guests are greeted with the choicest prostitutes, creating all the conditions for relaxation. T...

  • Lounge ShAH

    ул. Литвинова 87
    от 2000 руб. за час

    o feel like an Oriental Sultan offers "ShAH", where the role of concubines in the harem fulfill the elite prostitute. Incredibly exciting...

  • Ekzotika

    г. Нижний Новгород, улица Тонкинская. д.7А

  • Lounge Magical Paradise

    ул. Невзоровых, д. 51 Нижний Новгород
    от 4100 р.

    Elite salon "Magical Paradise" satisfied with great erotic show for the distinguished guests. Seductive courtesan masterful will dance St...

  • Lounge relaxation Enigma

    г. Н. Новгород, ул. Сергиевская, 13
    от 3000 р.

    Great stay with a lot of erotic surprises provided guests relaxation salon "Enigma". Sexy Sluts will do anything to please you. They are ...

  • Lounge Enigma

    ул. Арзамасская, 1
    от 3500 руб. за час

    In a beautiful salon "Enigma" has created all conditions for comfortable rest in the society of liberated whores. Prostitutes will dance ...

  • Lounge NEFTЬ

    ул. Невзоровых, 83
    от 1500 руб. за час

    Enchanting erotic performance arranged for visitors in the cabin "OIL". Flirty courtesan will surround you with care and wrap gentle care...

  • Lounge Mystery

    Нижневолжская набережная, д. 8/7

    Respectable salon "Secret" offers to spend the evening in an atmosphere of freedom. Here are the best courtesans, appetizing forms which ...

  • Lounge Very Well

    ул. Минина, д. 5
    от 700 руб. за час

    Door salon "Very Well" is always open for gentlemen wishing play. Sexy and Flirty prostitutes create an incredibly relaxed atmosphere, fi...

  • Lounge Iskushenie

    ул. Родионова 165 к 6
    от 2500 руб. за час

    Visit a great salon "Temptation" is to saturate the bright colors of sexual life. A charming and liberated prostitutes working here will ...

  • Imperatritsa

    Н.Новгород, Южное шоссе 2А, корп.1

  • Lounge Black&White

    Ул. Дунаева, 12
    от 1800 руб. за час

    The best way to get rid of fatigue and to relieve sexual tension is to visit salon "Black&White". Here you can enjoy a wonderful programm...

  • Volshebnyiy ray

    ул. Невзоровых, д. 51
    от 4700 руб. за час

    The name of the salon "Magical Paradise" promise unearthly pleasure. Indeed, here you will meet fairies with captivating appearance, whic...

  • Lounge LUX

    ул. Ошарская 11 а
    от 4000 руб. за час

    Elite courtesans from the salon "LUX" invites you to a Rockin ' party with an erotic Striptease and spicy surprises. Sarnici not only ski...

  • Burlesk

    Нижний Новгород, ул. Горького 77
    от 5000 р.

  • Lounge

    от 1000 р.

    Have a great time inviting salon where you will spend the evening in the company of selected prostitutes. Charming minxes will give you a...


Nizhny Novgorod is famous not only exquisite architecture and rich history. On its territory is home to a huge number of beautiful girls that beauty and charm attracted the eyes of all men. Many of these beauties make it possible not only to watch but also to spend some time in his company. Such erotic programs will not leave anyone indifferent man who will be in the arms of a beautiful stranger.


Experienced salon nymphs offer a lot of services from which each guest can choose something like:



This range of services ensures individual attention to every erogenous point of your body, which will lead to an unforgettable experience and get the highest pleasure. Cabin a specialist, in most cases - the real professionals who know all about the hidden sensuality and excitement. Thus, regular sex will become a celebration of passion, add spice to any relationship.


Given the high competition, the girls do not give up the experiments, on the contrary, they are happy to respond to any offer men. Of course, some are better voiced in advance to your fiancee could prepare and deliver even more fun.


Time with a girl fly by, but sooner or later you will still want to go back into the arms of a beautiful nymph who taught you to love in a new way.

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